About FranchiseProject.biz

The franchise investment advisor behind FranchiseProject, Rick Eggleton, is a classic example of American entrepreneurship, and typifies those who have achieved the American dream of success through business ownership. He launched his first business at the age of 24 and has remained self-employed as an entrepreneur and turnaround specialist since that time. Now, Rick utilizes his entrepreneurial experience every day in relating to individuals who are exploring business opportunities as an alternative career path or means of diversification.

After several successful business launches and turnarounds, in 1988 Rick became fascinated with the opportunities available in franchising. He bought the Southern California rights to a franchise with a mission and product he supported, but had difficulty finding qualified candidates to purchase the franchises until he met a franchise investment advisor from San Diego who sent him enough prospective franchise owners that he had established 10 franchise locations within six months. Always a quick study, Rick learned the franchise brokerage business from his successful mentor, and has since found hundreds of franchise opportunities for eager business owners. 

Professional and Community Affiliations
FranchiseProject.biz is a member of the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA), which gives investment advisors and prospective franchise owners access to up-to-date information on leading franchises, industry trends, impending legal issues, franchise profitability studies, along with free legal and accounting services through trusted industry partners, ongoing assistance and training.

Rick recently served as a volunteer counselor for the Orange County, California Chapter of SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives), and served as vice chairman and chief operating officer of the board of directors of FranNet USA.

Educational Background
Rick is a graduate of Stanford Business School and the University of Washington MBA program. He earned his bachelor’s degree in business and economics from Chapman University in Orange, California.


Our goal at FranchiseProject is to help you meet your individual goal and objectives around franchise ownership. We will assist you through the process and ensure you are well informed along the way. We endeavor to empower you with the information to make an informed decision – whether you end up buying a franchise or not.